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Hey hey hey you guys should download Duolingo on your phones (if you do that sort of thing) and learn a new language and add me as your friend (Eloarei, of course) because I’m actually weirdly competitive, really. I’m doing Spanish and German.

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Ugh, I just finished my side-with-the-Templars playthrough on Dragon Age 2, and I think it physically hurt a little. Meredith is so fucking out there that it was really difficult to side with her at all. Plus, I’m a mage fan. Also I was playing a mage this time, so I guess it was my hypocrite playthrough too. XD I wasn’t romancing Anders this time, at least, so I killed him, for variety’s sake.
I romanced Fenris this time, which was nice. I like him a lot, maybe almost exactly as much as I like Anders. Ugh, and I love Gideon Emery’s voice, so, y’know, listening to Fenris talk was always nice.
However, I accidentally went on to the final battle before I was ready, so now I’m back to pick up a few of the collectibles I missed. ^^; I think I’ve almost got all the trophies! A little surprised I’ll platinum 2 before Origins, to be honest.

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