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Well, it’s the dead-hour. I probably ought to just go to sleep, since there’s basically nothing to do online. Or I could go read more fanfic. That’s basically all I’ve been doing the past few days, Read three pretty great JeanMarco fics, which I liked more than I was expecting— a sure sign I’ve slid down the slippery slope of shipping a new OTP. *sigh* Oh well. =]

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  Typical (AO3)
  words: 2787 
  fandom: Hunter x Hunter
  characters: Leorio/Kurapika
  tags: Not quite AU, Gender Issues, Intersex character, a little bit of fluff
  notes: Back in the day, before the new series, I used to see a lot of people writing Kurapika as *~secretly actually being a girl~*, which was sort of funny because I think it was due mostly to people wanting to ship Leopika without it being gay. Which is not even slightly a problem I have.
This doesn’t have anything to do with that; I just think gender things are fun to explore.
~ Title and some wording in the story vaguely inspired by Tegan and Sara song “Closer”.
The development of their relationship was about to come to a head, though Kurapika was rather afraid it was about to come to halt. “I really do want to,” he said, brows drawn down in worry. “But I have to tell you something first. I haven’t been entirely… forthcoming.”

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Anonymous asked: Do you where your gold rose was purchased from? xx

Sorry, man, all I know is it was online somewhere. If you google-search “gold dipped rose” or anything like that, the first few results usually sell them though.

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Aww I just wrote something I really like. =] Ooooor I just really like the music I’ve been listening to while I wrote it, but that’s cool too. *dances*

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*looks left* *looks right* Was there something I was supposed to be doing? My brain has been just totally on the fritz lately. I can’t seem to do anything right. I can’t even piece a good sentence together, can’t get my point across properly. I feel so damn dumb.
…Maybe I’ve been breathing too much weird crap from the new house. Yeah, that seems like a plausible excuse.

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Vanessa Paradis & M
La seine (Extrait de la bande originale « Un monstre à Paris »)


La Seine (Extrait de la Bande Ori) by Vanessa Paradis & M.

From A Monster in Paris’ soundtrack. I love the English version as well, but there’s just something about the French version that really gets me. Ugh I love this song (well the whole soundtrack, really) beyond words.

(via godshattered)

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nephapocalypse replied to your post: Thanks, Hika and Major-Ocelot. I guess…

They won’t be able to see your anon messages if they blocked you. Give it a few days (which, trust me, I know is hard) then try messaging them again. If you still don’t get an answer, you might ask a friend to message them, or just let them cool off.

Ahhh man. The thing is, I mean, we’re not even friends really, she’s just someone whose blog I like, and I think she followed me too? (I lost a follower last night; I assume it was her.) And I just want to clear up the misunderstanding because her blog is super neat and I don’t want her to think I hate her or her blog, because that’s not a nice way to feel.
I don’t think she needs to ‘cool off’, because nothing was heated, you know? I think she just said “okay, well, Eloarei doesn’t like me. *unfollow* *block* I don’t want that kinda stress.” which is perfectly reasonable, except I wish she’d given me an hour or two to clear things up.
*sigh* Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I guess that’s what I’ll do.

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